Awakend misleads consumers with doctored Zenith study

BehindMLM reader Micky Burns stopped by earlier today to let me know

I love your stuff on this blog, it’s helped me a lot over the years.

He also took aim at our coverage of Awakend, specifically pertaining to their leptin supplement Zenith.

Oz, the white paper is on the website. And even a the teeniest Google effort will explain how the hormone Leptin works.

This prompted me to head over to Awakend’s new website (which didn’t exist when I covered the company’s prelaunch), and grab a copy of their “whitepaper” (tell me you’re a crypto bro without telling me you’re a crypto bro).

Oh dear.

In the first line of the whitepaper study, you’ll note is it’s a 2008 study published in 2009. In other words, the study was conducted fourteen years before Zenith existed.

The next thing you’ll notice is someone has edited in “Zenith”, effectively doctoring the published study.

This renders it useless.

What was the original study as published for? Is Zenith the exact same formula? Are the researchers OK with their study being doctored?

I’m not intimately familiar with academic protocol but I can’t imagine doctoring published papers going down too well. I know I’d object to someone taking a published study I’d put my name on and modifying it.

The correct protocol here would be Awakend publishing the original study, and adding an addendum confirming Zenith uses the exact same formula as studied in 2008.

If we look at the document’s properties, we can see it was last edited by Ashlee Headlee on August 12th, 2022.

Ashlee Headlee James is one of the admins of Awakend’s private corporate FaceBook group. Her exact role within the company hasn’t been disclosed.

Awakend’s website is devoid of company ownership or executive information. Compensation documentation is also omitted, with recruitment currently the only focus of the company.

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