BitClub Network scammers to be sentenced March 2023

BitClub Network Ponzi scammers Jobadiah Weeks, Silviu Balaci and Joe Abel are scheduled to be sentenced in March 2023.

The trio’s respective sentencing dates were rescheduled via an August 12th order:

  • Jobadiah Sinclair Weeks will be sentenced on March 14th, 2023
  • Silviu Catalin Balaci will be sentenced on March 16th, 2023 and
  • Joseph Frank Abel will be sentenced on March 21st, 2023

It’s expected, but not guaranteed, that all three will spend time in prison.

BitClub Network defendant Matt Goettsche is, for now, fighting the criminal charges against him. His case has been continued till October 2022.

Defendant Russ Medlin is imprisoned in Indonesia on child sex crimes.

In related news, Weeks (right) applied to have his home detention changed to curfew on August 8th.

We respectfully move to modify Mr. Weeks’ bail conditions from home incarceration to a curfew, to allow Mr. Weeks to attend family activities and visit family-owned properties within the State of Colorado.

Pretrial Services Officer has informed us that they are amenable to this modification in light of Mr. Weeks’ overall compliance with the conditions of his release.

The United States, through Assistant United States Attorney Anthony Torntore, defers to Pretrial Service’s position.

Weeks initially thought he could pull a fast one while subject to detention. As per PreTrial Services’ assessment above, Weeks seems to have accepted his fate and settled down.

Weeks’ motion for a change to curfew was granted on August 15th.

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