Dr. Tina Wong fined $15K for doTerra COVID-19 misinformation

Dr. Tina Wong has been fined $15,000 for spreading COVID-19 misinformation to market doTerra.

The DOJ sued Wong on behalf of the FTC on January 5th, alleging violations of the FTC Act and COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act.

According to the DOJ’s Complaint, Wong is a California-based pediatrician and Blue Diamond ranked doTerra distributor.

Dr. Wong runs her doTerra business with her husband, Dr. Mark Wong. Together they are also members of doTerra’s “Founders Club 2.0”.

The DOJ’s Complaint cites COVID-19 misinformation Wong spread on a January 12th, 2022 doTerra webinar.

The webinar was titled “The Path Forward: Protocols for the Current Climate”, and featured Wong and several doTerra distributors “who currently or previously worked as health-care practitioners”.

After introducing herself as a “board-certified pediatrician”, Dr. Wong spruiked doTerra products in a segment titled “COVID PREVENTION BASICS”.

Now we’re going to go into our first topic, which is COVID prevention basics and it really encompasses nutrition.

That is the foundation of your health. And LLV [Lifelong Vitality Pack] from doTERRA is amazing.

And then on top of that, we recommend the PB Assist for gut health and then the TerraZyme also for gut health because gut is so important. Much of your immune system is located in your gut.

And on top of that, On Guard, of course, in fact, everybody please find your favorite immune oil that you have around and use it. Use it frequently. Use it all three ways.

I believe the “three ways” refers to topical, inhalation and ingesting (extremely dangerous).

So my favorites are On Guard and oregano, actually, and I will put a drop of each into a little shot glass of water if I have any sore throat and
I will gargle and I will swallow and that takes care of so much of the beginning of a sore throat.

And what’s great about this Healthy Habits Kit is On Guard is in there. Oregano isn’t, you can add it.

But in addition to that, you have frankincense, which is highly anti-inflammatory and so good for your immune system.

Oils for a severe sore throat? I like to do a little shot glass of water with a drop of On Guard and gargle and swallow that about three or four times a day. That usually takes care of my sore throat.

And if you’re brave, you can actually add a drop of oregano and that works really well, too.

And there’s lots of studies that show that oregano is effective against a coronavirus, which is the family that COVID is in.

Dr. Wong then went on to advise viewers to use doTerra on their children.

And so this is the pediatric prevention/support for COVID. And, again, it starts at nutrition.

And I like this slide because this is the order in which you want to give these supplements because they progressively taste better. And if you know kids, right, it’s all about the taste, okay?

So first, the IOmega can taste a little fishy, so, so good for the immune system, though, and good for the brain. I mix it with orange juice.

My kids don’t get juice usually, so when they get something with juice, they’re like excited and it tastes good.

So I mix it with orange juice, a teaspoon. And then do that twice a day. The A to Z Chewables are great. Two a day is the recommended dose.

And then the On Guard Chewable Tablets, it’s recommended dose three a day. But if your child has COVID, definitely six a day is the way that I would go.

And then PB Assist is amazing. It tastes like candy, right? But it has no sugar in it. And that is a great one to take a lot of because you really want good immune health, even up to four a day is what I would recommend.

For greater than one year of age, I do give essential oils to my kids, just a little bit, though.

And something that I love to do for kids instead of giving pharmaceuticals or over-the-counters for congestion is I love to give them baths, even like several a day, even three a day, and just warm baths helps to decrease the congestion, and then when they come out of the bath, their pores are opened up, the perfect time to do a diluted essential oil, like frankincense or lemon on their skin and the body absorbs it very well.

At one point in the presentation Dr. Wong advised parents to ignore their child’s fever to “burn out the virus”.

Dr. Wong concluded her presentation by equating doTerra essential oils to drugs.

So those are just some little tips. Of course, it’s symptomatic; you’re treating your symptoms, but that’s what the drugs do, too. So use your oils instead and then use them frequently.

In another January 27th, 2022 doTerra webinar, Dr. Wong claimed essential oils were a “flu buster”.

Most antibiotics, which is what we give for bacterial diseases, the antibiotics work outside the cell.

They can’t go into the cell, okay? But essential oils can penetrate through the cell membrane and work within the cell to kill viruses or to change their modulation, the way that they’re expressed. So essential oils are very effective because they can get into a cell.

On Guard, in particular, is a great oil for this time because it really helps with antivirus. It’s a great flu buster.

I just want to say very quickly that garlic, black pepper oil and tea tree oil actually prevent the binding of the virus to your cells.

Dr. Wong went on to claim doTerra’s lemon and geranium essential oil was the same as mRNA vaccines.

One of the ways that lemon and geranium essential oil work inside the cell is that they don’t let the virus replicate itself. Pretty cool, right?

You’ve all heard about like mRNA with the shot and everything. Well, lemon and geranium essential oil inhibit the mRNA transcription of
the virus.

She then prescribed doTerra’s essential oils as a cure for people losing their sense of smell and taste post-Covid-19.

A lot of people lose their sense of smell and taste with the COVID and so here is a protocol to help regain that.

You smell clove essential oil three times a day, 20 seconds each time; lemon and then rose and then eucalyptus in that order and 20 seconds each.

Do that three times a day, and in 6 to 12 weeks, you should be able to regain your taste – sense of taste and smell.

A “protocol” for “using the doTerra products for COVID” was also presented.

If you are positive or feel like you are, just do a ton of supplements, a ton of oils, and all the things that we’ve done here, twice a day.

Showers, hydrotherapy. You want to be smelling the oils, drinking them, putting them on your skin, eating super healthy.

Addressing Dr. Wong’s medical claims, the DOJ noted in their Complaint;

At present, there is no published report of any well-controlled human clinical study to substantiate that any of the doTERRA Products referenced above treat, prevent, reduce the risk or severity of, or cure COVID-19, or counteract inflammation or other purported negative effects of COVID-19 vaccines.

Rather than clear her name and provide evidence to support her medical claims, Dr. Wong settled the DOJ’s lawsuit.

In doing so, Dr. Wong consented to

In doing so, Busch consented to

  • a ban against making COVID-19 claims about doTerra’s products;
  • a ban against making any health-related claims about doTerra’s products, again unless substantiating “competent and reliable scientific evidence” is provided;
  • preserving any underlying and supporting data of any clinical tests presented;
  • representing that doTerra’s products are “scientifically or clinically proven or otherwise established”;
  • payment of a $15,000 civil penalty;
  • submit compliance reports to the FTC for ten years; and
  • record and preserve data pertaining to the same sale of doTerra products, including any consumer complaints and refund requests, for ten years

The court approved Dr. Wong’s settlement on January 10th.

Whether Dr. Wong learnt anything from the DOJ’s lawsuit is unclear. This was posted by Dr. Wong to Instagram on January 25th;

Doterra life… It started with a drop of oil as a solution to my health issues, then it became a vehicle for me to take care of my family and patients naturally.

Dr. Wong is one of three doTerra COVID-19 fraud defendants targeted by the DOJ and FTC.

Eliza Johnson Bacot and Lauren Busch are doTerra distributors who also made bogus COVID-19 claims to market doTerra.

Both settled the respective lawsuits brought against them earlier this month.

doTerra was one of ten MLM companies that received COVID-19 warnings from the FTC in 2020.

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