Three "leaks case" defendants settle with Paparazzi

Three defendants accused of leaking confidential information have settled with Paparazzi.

If approved, the settlement will see Melissa Sorenson, Kylee Robinette and Jennifer Dyer consent to a permanent injunction.The terms of the settlement injunction prohibit the use of or any further attempts to access Paparazzi’s non-public information.

Sorenson, Robinette and Dyer will also be required to;

  1. destroy any non-public Paparazzi information in their possession;
  2. cooperate with discovery and appear as a witness for Paparazzi if called as the case against the remaining defendants continues; and
  3. enter into a mutual non-disparagement agreement.

If the terms of the settlement injunction are breached,

the breaching party will owe $10,000 in liquidated damages to the party adversely affected by the breach.

Beyond that, there is no monetary component to the reached settlement.

The settlement was filed on December 13th but appears to have been reached sometime in October.

Paparazzi sued nine defendants for leaking confidential information back in mid 2022. Renee Burgess appears to have settled in August.

The remaining five defendants are Geraldine Souza, Morgan Ferguson, Jaime Robinson, Jennifer Carrol and Kimberly Drewry.

Looking forward, a status and scheduling conference has been scheduled for January 18th. I’m expecting the stipulated settlement will be approved before or at the hearing itself.

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